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These are our 3 wheel and 4 wheel electric vehicles.


Triporteur électrique TAZ


  • Adjustable and comfortable seat with armrest.
  • Rear engine/differential assembly 500W, 48V. Power given directly to both rear wheel. No chain to maintain.
  • Polish aluminium 16" x 2.25" wheel
  • 2 rear shocks mounted on frame and one shock on the front wheel
  • 25% climbing incline
  • Weight 201 lb
  • Maximum speed 29 km/h
  • Maximum distance of 60 km
  • Storage box under the seat and a basket can be install in the back of the backrest.
  • Variable control for acceleration and 3 choice of maximum speed setting.
  • Drum brake on 3 wheels
Now offer with optional rear box,
same color as the vehicle, installed behind the seat
Locked with a key
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TAZ is a registered trademark of Équipements Abordables inc.
To be name TAZ, the equipment must meet some standards and regulations. Most of these products are built as per our specifications. We test them in real situation and we visit the production factories to complete quality control.
TAZ products can come from Europe, Asia, USA or Canada. Our goal is to find quality equipment at a good price.
All TAZ products are back by a 1 year part and labor warranty.


Click here for a video of 2013 model

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