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TAZ is a registered trademark of Équipements Abordables inc.
To be name TAZ, the equipment must meet some standards and regulations. Most of theses products are built as per our specifications. We test them in real situation and we visit the production factories to complete quality control.
TAZ products can come from Europe, Asia, USA or Canada. Our goal is to find quality equipment at a good price.
All TAZ products are back by a 1 year part and labor warranty.

Souffleur à feuilles TAZ 
Backpack leaf blower
Souffleur à feuilles TAZ
 Taille Haie TAZ

Taille bordure courbé
Brushcutter with curve boom 

Taille bordure multifonction TAZ
Multifunction brushcutter

included pole with nylon cutter head and 3 theet blade, chainsaw pole and hedge trimmer pole

Taille bordure TAZ
Pompe à eau TAZ
1 inch water pump
2 cycle engine
Included  strainer and hose connector
Hose de renvoi
Return hose
Sold per feet
1" - 2" - 3"
Pompe à eau 1 pouce
Included strainer and hose connector
Hose de succion
Suction hose
Sold per foot
1" - 2" - 3"
Pompe à déchets TAZ
Included strainer and hose connector

Pompe à eau de transfert TAZ

2 inch transfer water pump

Included strainer and hose connector

 Pompe à eau TAZ 3 pouces

3 inch water pump

Included strainer and hose connector

 Scie à chaine TAZ 45 cc chainsaw Scie à chaine TAZ 45cc chainsaw with case and 2 blades size
Generatrice TAZ 10 000W 10 000 W generator
Generatrice soudeuse TAZ
Picture may vary from the original product.